"Live Free or Fly" Posters


A very clever campaign by jetBlue for their "Election Protection" promotional contest.  While a lot of companies and agencies are putting out a lot of fluff to tie in consumers with the 2012 Presidential Election, jetBlue's "Live Free or Fly" campaign is actually pretty clever and well designed.  While not mind-blowingly amazing, its clear, easy to understand, and they've provided print-quality hi-res photos of these posters, which basically made this series an obligatory post here on Flyer Goodness. We're not sponsored or asked by the airline to do this post, as we continue to be ad-free. Although the act itself of posting and sharing is just part of the objectives of this campaign, we hope that someone out there can reach out to us with the designer(s) involved for these posters, as we'd love to credit them.

Edit: Scott Slagsvol over at Mullen kindly pointed out to us that this was part of their best work for Jet Blue for their Election Protection and that CD Brian Gunderson is the guy behind these posters.  Awesome work.


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