Greek Club Flyers & Illustrations by Prop4g4nd4

Not quite a fixture on the blog, but also not far from it, Prop4g4nd4 has been busy developing his complex and abstract illustration style, putting his native Greece on the map with some really artful jazz and music flyer designs.  Don't forget to check out Prop4g4nda's Myspace or his DeviantArt for more, as well more of his work that we featured previously on Flyer Goodness.


Animated GIF Mexican Club Flyers for KRZFCKRS

Ran into these club flyers for KRZFCKRS events in Mexico, and you can tell why they're pretty attention grabbing.  

Mean Clean Design by Andrei Robu

This one is overdue, but fellow design archiver and design director Andrei Robu from Bucharest, Romania has a habit for good design work.  The man has good taste, which you can check out for yourself on his refined selection of only the highest quality design sites Designers Go To Heaven & Typeverything.

Really digging his angles and colorways.  I can only imagine how much design he sifts through in a week.  Because inspiration doesn't come from nothing, it's to people like Andrei that aggregate such great design pieces that we owe our retinas to.