Some super flyers from *Tant* from Haifa, Israel.
His style kind of reminds me of Hanna-Barbera style cartoons on Saturday mornings that I watched semi-religiously like the Super Friends or Space Ghost, or Honk Kong Phooey. or Jonny Quest.
and Swat Kats.

His sites temporarily down, but his Flickr's up.
sheckout more from him here.


Denis Smirnov

Russian designer Denis Smirnov cranked out these posters, both of which are exceptionally appealing in terms of color and geometry.


Network Osaka (part III)

 Network Osaka is the minimalist of minimal, and his work will back him up on that.  It's difficult to argue the beautiful simplicity we see here.  Check out his poster designs for the Archivo 17 conference and our previous post here.


Josef Müller-Brockmann (part II)

Classic Swiss designer Josef Müller-Brockmann is another one of those landmark designers that you have to know in order to realize what's original in the world today, or at least what kind of designs are inspired by the man.  Check out more of his work at our previous post here.

Martijn Van Dam

The Netherlands have been known to uphold a liberally lenient perspective & policy on sensitive issues like marijuana, gay marriage, and abortion. Apparently they allow guys like Martijn Van Dam to run rampant with their graphic design creative executions.
He pretty much manipulates depth to his will on demand, and in the span of ten hours, the results come nothing short of A-list excellence.

+ if you missed our older posts on him


JAZZ in'it


Some of the lighter & less imposing flyers from falsify from the U.K.
As for the others, they seem able to turn heads 360 degrees--check them out yourself.
Theres just something cool about ferocious animals, in this case a rabid chimpanzee, being explicitly captured with their game face on.
like these


Brad Klausen

Brad Klausen has a habit of designing some especially trippy gig posters, many of which are done for Pearl Jam.  While its nice to know a name of who's putting out some of those amazing designs, does that mean that he's part of Ames Bros?  Because they did a lot of the Pearl Jam designs he's credited to, like these.


Evgeny Zhelvakov

Some amazing work by Evengy Zhelvakov from Moscow.  The typographic robot flyer at the top is irresistible to the eyes and is definitely something I wouldn't mind having framed on my wall.  You need to start selling some prints Evengy!


Hatch Show Print (part II)






The little shop in Tennessee known as Hatch Show Print has such a large collection of poster and flyer designs that they've printed for decades, and well possibly centuries.  These poster designs have enough character about them by modern day standards, but the fact that they're still printed with the carved wooden letters on a letterpress make them just that much more freaking awesome.

Mikey Burton

Philadelphia-based Mikey Burton adds a little extra wittiness to his poster designs, and even if you're not an artist, you have to be jealous of the stuff he executes sometimes.


SuperExpresso (part II)

Some more flyer amazingness by SuperExpresso aka Michele Angelo from Barcelona.  Check out his incredible "Good Life" flyer design that we posted earlier, here.

Claude Alexander @ Pantages

OLD old school poster printed in 1913 for a magic show of sorts in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  If it's still eye-catching and mesmerizing now, how was it for the cell-phone less, lap-top-less and laser-less old folk back in the early 1900's?
via shorpy.com


Steve Goodin aka Demen1 - 3d Club Flyer designs




From Sacramento, California, Steve Goodin is pretty pro with meshing together the strengths of 3D software and photoshop to produce some freaking amazing flyers.  Check out his DeviantArt for more.