Super Silo AKA Martijn Van Dam - the 3d Illustration master of club flyers

Super Silo has been putting out a bunch of incredible work lately, with his illustrations getting even more detailed and complex and his typographic style getting cleaner.  He even gets to do work for Dieselboy...now how's that for a flyer designer coming up in the world.

Can you imagine how much time this superman has to put into these details?  It would drive an ordinary human being insane.  I want to know if he designs sober.

Freaking awesome aircraft design - not sure what it's inspiration is, but its like a cool version of those podracers in Star Wars Episode I.

So much deatil

Make sure to watch this video of him illustrating the flyer.  You jaw will be left hanging.

Podracer on steroids #2

If you thought he only did aircraft and cute animals, think again.
Flyer - front

Flyer & Poster - front
Who doesn't love robots?

Flyer & Poster - front

Flyer - back

Does anyone else use cat robots to promote dubstep or drum&bass?
I don't think so.

The illustration on this flyer is depth defying

Airplanes, rockets, jets -- SuperSilo knows how to get cool techy illustrations to complement his club flyers

Textures ahoy.  Check out the process video of Van Dam's design:

 I cant believe how complex this little planet is, all for a club flyer that fits in your hand...The details must be tiny in print, but superior in clarity.


Reminds me of that one Nintendo racing game, Extreme-G

Octopus Illustration time-lapse video from Super Silo

Again with the attention to details...


Amsterdam-based Super Silo aka Martijn van Dam has been an all-star on Flyer Goodness for years now, so we figured that we'd finally compile his rightfully deserved super-Friday megapost.   He's an artist who uses digital design programs right -- to their full potential to create so much depth and detail that would be much slower by hand, if not impossible.  Martijn is a Jedi of club flyers and gig posters with clean 3D illustration, bright colors, tech-like typography, he is able incorporate beautiful aircraft, jets, spaceships, octopi, cats, cat robots, transformers and anything else you can think of.

Flyer - Poster Roast at the Camden Pub Crawl

If you're around London (I wish I still was) be sure to check out the Poster Roast at the Camden Crawl on May 1st and 2nd. 


Paul B. Drohan

San Diego based interactive creative director Paul Drohan lays it down with the vintage-scruffiness. Hes got a distinct illustrative style and knows how to give off just enough of that weathered effect like the flyer's been out too long.

“A common theme in a lot of my work is I try to literally make it look as aged and worn as possible; I just really enjoy that aesthetic about the process.” -SD Citybeat

He's been doing some great design work for the band TRANSFER with posters and album covers to sleeve folds.

+ Paul is down with the birds.


Leonardo Hartomo - The Smile Brigade

Can't find anything about this mysterious Leonardo Hartomo. 
Via The Stranger.

new Dead Weather Poster by Aesthetic Apparatus

Fresh off the screen, This 2-color print for the Dead Weather show in Birmingham is available for $25 at the Aesthetic Apparatus store here.

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