Adam the Velcro Suit - gig flyers and posters

This one has to be a favorite:  simple and clean, but enough subtle details to make it cleverly fantastic.

Granted, the vinyl record is an iconic image in gig posters and flyer designs -- and I love seeing it done well.  Off the top of my head I recall similar trends in shapes and colors by SuperExpresso and at BigAudio.

 I think the execution of the drop is pretty clever.

Does this remind anyone of those olde-style flyer-booklets Trader Joes used to send out years ago?

From Cape Town, South Africa, Adam The Velcro Suit designs some of the coolest gig flyers I've seen lately.  Some are witty and clean, others inspired by olde-school styling.  Check out his Flickr or Myspace for more.

Here's a little bonus project by Adam. 
Love how the colors and embossing complement the typography.  Kinda retro, but not.

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