2010 SXSW Film Poster Awards

In all Flyer Goodness honesty, the announced winners for the 2010 SXSW Film Poster Awards were somewhat of a let down, but what really stood out was the runner up prize, Brussels designer Gilles Vranckx's poster for the gritty "Amer" which won the Special Jury Award:

Personally I enjoy the depth to the French version of the poster:

Check out the award-winning opening title animation below:

Also noteworthy is another finalist to the Title Design award, Hello Lonesome by Mr. Wonderful,
who also re-designed the opening credits to the Colbert Report

Here's some more of the cooler film posters from the 2010 SXSW Film/AIGA Austin Film Poster Award

Cold Weather poster designed by Marc Ripper.

Special Jury Award for Animated Shorts, One Square Mile of Earth

Official poster of the 2010 SXSW Film Festival by Leszek Zebrowski

Oldies but Goodies:
Here are some older posters from last year's film festival.  They can all be found at the 2009 SXSW Film/AIGA Austin Film Poster Award Flickr set


Vasco Pais - new party flyer designs from Portugal

We've been fans of Vasco Pais here at FlyerGoodness for a while now, so we figured that we'd compile some of his older and newer stuff together for your visual pleasure.  Be sure to check out his Flickr for more of his party flyer gallery.


Andy Gilmore - new art and flyer designs

New stained-glass looking flyer for the Contemporary Graphic Art Fair at the Somerset House.
Different from what we're used to from Andy Gilmore, but still very sweet.
It scales down in size nicely.

Here's another flyer you might not expect from Mr. Gilmore.

And here's what the internet today knows the man for:  beautifully colored geometric patterns.


Don't forget to check out Andy's new 2010 designs on his Flickr.

Apparently his works from last year were so popular, they made the awesomest puzzle out of one of his designs.  Sadly, they were only produced in a very limited edition of 10.

He's designed some covers and illustrations for several publications as well.  Here's a bit of that big-time eye candy for you:

Check out Andy Gilmore's blog for more updates.

Mike Mitchell - The artist behind 'The Dude Invitational' and 'I'm With Coco' posters

Now this is not a question of whether you have undying love for The Big Lebowski or if it makes you flaccid; this is not only a movie poster remake that is very well done, but one that is pretty clever in existing within the fictional reality of the actual film itself.  Posters sold out here.

You've probably seen the Lebowski poster if you own an IP address in the United States, but here's some other work from Mike Mitchell's portfolio.

Here's the beyond-infamous "I'm with CoCo" poster design that put Mike Mitchell on the map:
Now this is a tale of regular average-joe artist from humble Reddit beginnings to becoming the official design for Conan's AmericanExpress-sponsored tour.  The poster is still available here.  ...And W.T.H. is this knockoff trying to pass off as?  I guess it shows that everyone's trying to get a dollar these days.