Reader S.O.W. -- Stan Chow

Stan Chow--award winning, Grammy nominated graphic designer/illustrator from Manchester, England.  Also this week's Reader Submission of the Week thanks to the tip off from Ed Sawdowski.  Stan Chow is responsible for the Mad Men portrait posters from last year, and enjoys drawing caricatures more than you know.  His details in face expressions really does it for me.

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Poster Art on the London Underground: A Platform for Art


Transport for London's "Art on the Underground" is an awesome art installation on the subway and train stations throughout the city.  While the art itself is well curated and definitely brightens the public transit atmosphere for a commuter, I find the printed materials to be the most well done.  The tube maps and posters announcing new exhibitions integrate the featured artwork in a very clean, attractive design.  Check out the projects archive on the Transport of London website for more.


Renaissance Man/Designer: Alex Koplin (H/34)

Alex Koplin aka H/34 is a designer/DJ from Philadelphia/New York who is associated with the east coast based independent record label Moodgadget (big fan).  I've seen his works around the web and thought this was an opportune time to put together a piece on him, since after all, it's his birthday.   After going through his design and his whole soundcloud,  I realized how much passion he puts into his work and that he is a self-made enthusiast fusing two of my most favorite things on this planet--music & design.

He's also an avid videogame modder, and co-founder of a local Pittsburgh Airsoft league.