New Poster Designs from Allan Peters

Here's a ton of fantastic new work by a senior art director from BBDO Minneapolis, Allan Peters.  I never knew that he was such a great logo designer, or that he was capable of making such beautiful screen prints.   Check out his website or his blog for more.

Also, check out our older post on Allan Peters and his internet-famous "Poster on a Stick" series, which looks as awesome as it sounds.


Tall Unicycle and Bike Posters by Barrel New York

Jenny Lee at Barrel, a creative agency in New York City, reached out to us with their cool new bike and unicycle prints.  Check out their site for more details.

Reader Submission of the Week: Sean Mort (UK)


Hailing from the UK, this week's reader submission is a 28 year old graphic designer from Manchester.  Sean Mort designs and screenprints some pretty cool posters, his most recent work at the top looking really solid.  Visit his website for more, and his online store as well to purchase some prints.  Thanks to Gavin Cannon for sending us the tip on Twitter!

New lesson learned:  you can get featured here on the blog without sending the work yourself -- as long as a kind friend or stranger manages to send some of your cool designs our way at @FlyerGoodness or at flyergoodness@gmail.com


Music Video: Flying Lotus' "Zodiac S***" Animated by Adult Swim

Flying Lotus came out with a new music video this past holiday season for his single, animated by Adult Swim's Adam Fuchs aka Lilfuchs.  High-quality trippy animation here folks.

H-57 Creative Station

Its things like these that make it worthwhile to be a blogger--"Tomorrow is Now" poster set from H-57 Creative Station from Milan, Italy.  Loving the border work and graphics and playfulness with the type.  Definitely one of those moments where you say to yourself "I wish I made that".