Codex 2013 - The International Handmade Book Fair

While Flyer Goodness correspondent Marco Huerta was able to catch this year's amazing Codex International Book Fair in Richmond, CA, I was unable to check out the 182 distinguished book artists and artisans, private presses, and fine art publishers. Fortunately, all of the photos in this post were shared by codexfoundation.org and their facebook and twitter pages. Also check out the gorgeous Monograph Series (featured at the beginning of this post) and other publications available for purchase at the Codex website.

I'll let Peter Koch, printer and director of the codex foundation, sum up Codex in his own words from their website:

"The Codex Foundation exists to preserve and promote the hand-made book as a work of art in the broadest possible context and to bring to public recognition the artists, the craftsmanship, and the rich history of the civilization of the book. There is no better place to find and collect the finest in contemporary artist books, typographic prints, and fine printing."


Opening Credits Typography from Enter The Void

One of the most amazing opening credit sequences I've ever seen for a film from Enter The Void by Tom Kan.  A real spectacle with the music and animation transitioning--a bit of a dark film though.