Awesome gig screenprints by Tiny Media Empire aka Daniel Danger

Poster for the Flight of the Conchords show in Phoenix.

Mogwai gig poster designed by Tiny Media Empire

Concert poster for Andrew Bird

Sonic Youth show poster

Elegant screenprint poster for The Wolfman movie.

Built to Spill show poster by Daniel Danger.

Show poster for the Silver Jews available here.

Poster for the Westies available here.

Gig Poster for The Decemberists

Gig poster for The Pogues, variant print available here.

 Gig poster for The Pogues, variant print available here.

Operating under his alias, Tiny Media Empire, New England-based Daniel Danger designs many elegantly artistic gig posters for the likes of Sonic Youth, Mogwai, The Decemberists, Built to Spill and Andrew Bird.  Mr. Danger's dark and elegant artistic style also carries into his other art prints and designs.  A lot of them are sold out, as his art is printed in small limited editions, and get bought up pretty fast.  But check his store to see what's available.

Very cool 2-panel print of Fenway Park

If for some crazy reason you're not impressed with the prints, do yourself a favor and click on the images to see the full zoomed poster, which has tons of little hand-done details.  Reminds me of those small clay blocks or carbon sheets you chisel at to engrave details.

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