RSOW -- Anne Cobai


Anne Cobai is a long time viewer of the blog and graphic designer/illustrator based in Perth, Australia who loves music and has some real talent in illustrating people.  Also, Bloc Party.


Super Nintendo Box Art

This post will mean more to some than others.  For me, the box art for a Super Nintendo game growing up in the 90s was so dear to me that just by looking back at them 10+ years later I can relive the powerup sounds, platform levels and button mashing as one frustrated but happy kid.  I kind of liked how there was a thick black Nintendo frame that was always there, unlike video game box art these days, it makes it feel just a little bit more consistent.


Graphic Design by Sara Haraigue

Sara Haraigue is a French graphic designer based in Paris who uses nature as a central theme and inspiration in her work.  Her style has a very raw and organic feel, with my favorite being the first piece at the top for its rough but refined presentation.