2Shy does some work for the DJs/promo group in Belgium, Party Harders. Cool illustration style reminiscent of So Me.

Will Koffman

Caught this for a music/art showing in Costa Mesa. I never really pictured stuff this grotesque to make for a nice flyer, but Will Koffman proved me wrong.


Broken Beat

Saw one of these for a night in San Diego, and had to see if there were more. Design credits go to Accent Creative, Mezi, and ISO-50.



I stumbled upon this piece on DeviantArt, turns out that this young artist who goes by anaklangit has some pretty impressive vectored portraits. The concept, mood and lighting on this flyer is all consistently dark, and the graphic concept itself is something that is hard to ignore.


Strawberry Luna

So many pieces that are different in style, original in layout, verious eye-catching themes, color schemes, and graphics. I've never had such a difficult time making a post. She's done promotions for Bloc Party, The Decemberists, Of Montreal, Air, The New Pornographers and We Are Scientists to name a few. Check out her website (and pick up a piece from her Etsy while you're at it) for so many more awesome posters.

Taylors Graphic Design

Taylors Graphic Design created this promotional card for a brand show in Edinburgh, Scotland. Really cool and simple layout and great implementation of clear typography. Via their blog, UK Logo Design.


So Me

So Me, the infamous designer of Ed Banger Records responsible for the art direction for Justice's music videos DVNO and D.A.N.C.E., as well as Kanye West's Good Life. His flyers are no less spectacular, very deviant and eye catching. He does a very notable job of warping hand-written style typography into interesting shapes, and he's one of the few designers who can jam a ton of information in an obviously "busy" look, but still pull it off with an interesting design.



A very random, simple but interesting image with clean typography. By Yes, a studio in the UK. You can check their site for variations of the warm gradients overlaid on the image.


Nick Sherman


Nick Sherman, a typophile from Boston, produced these sweet pieces. Check his portfolio for the historical art styles that each piece was inspired by.


SPC Live

These fliers by SPC Live are just a few samples by designers Rob Beston and Brenden Bennet. SPC Live promotes a wide array of gigs and shows in London, which I'll be sure to check out when I move there this fall.