Hot Hot Coals

From the portfolio. Why aren't there more posters and flyers with rocks on them?


This is not London

Part of a campaign for a series of concerts (Including Simian Mobile Disco) that are happening right next door to me. The poster looked better than the flyer in my opinion, as the way they diplayed data thematically was more visually interesting.

Mine -

Saw this my second day into London, stumbling upon "The Crypt," the dungeony basement of St. Pancras Church that features art exhibitions. This week it is "Mine," a show of expirimental video and photographic works my the MA students at the Maidstone Campus of the University for the Creative Arts. The flyer is done by Irina Rusakova, who is also featured in the exhibition.



Saw this on a rack at several vinyl shops in Haight for a gig at Milk Bar. Printed on matte cardstock, they looked and felt really nice. Card-sized means less paper.


Armin Hofmann

Another renown graphic designer, Armin Hofmann, famous for his Swiss-Style posters with their beautiful utilization of typography and colors.


Uncle Paul

This one was inspired by the British Channel 4 logo, and as you probably noticed, you can cut the pieces at the bottom to actually assemble the design on top. Kinda cool


Monster Massive 2008

Found this on my window after a show in Costa Mesa. Not does it look like a wrestler's mask on the front and back, it's also perforated on the eyes, nose and mouth so that you can actually use the mask yourself. If you click on the images, you can see that they even left holes for a string. Clever.


Died Young, Stayed Pretty

For a while now, I've been trying to figure out how one would watch this film outside Canada. It's a documentary following the indie-poster scene, with what looks like some cool interviews and insight with some talented graphic designers and artists. If anyone knows how I can get a hold or a view of this, I'm begging here.


Massimo Vignelli

Some very clean-cut, minimalistic flyers and posters by Massimo Vignelli. For those of you who haven't watched him on Helvetica, this is a must.


Ames Bros (2)

A few more selections from Pearl Jam vs. Ames Bros, continued from my previous post a while back. I'd never imagine that talent as great and popular as Ames Bros would have to do promotional efforts for themselves, but the last piece shows that they can do it well.

Power to the Peaceful

Fresh off the streets of San Francisco, I wish I was able to make this event. Simple, clear and bold from the symbol to the type, this piece gets its message across clearly and succinctly, while looking nice at the same time.


Hardcore Porn

Really might attract the wrong crowd, but I thought this was interesting because it took on the cut-and-paste magazine appeal but is a bit cleaner (rather than utterly jittery and choppy). The pornstar could be a little more explicit and the halftone could be better, but it does grab the eye off a rack of gig flyers.


Outside Lands - Ames Bros

This one passed under the radar for me. While I saw the same cartoony golden gate bridge promotions online and around SF, I never got to see this Jaws-inspired piece.


Dolphin City

Saw this one for an event at eVocal. Simple, good use of space and lettering.