Erin O'Connor

Erin O'Connor, operating as Sandbox Studio in Madison, Wisconson, has a knack for designing gig posters with a bit of character and a unique palette.


Obey Giant

Some newer and older posters from Obey.
Some say Shepard is losing his touch with his newer work after his image really got bigger after the establishment of obey and his print work for the Obama campaign.

Either way, he's still laying it down on the government with his art direction that represents a voice much larger than his own, offering inspiration and affecting others to do work.

>>More on the "Let Fury Have the Hour" Documentary

>>Shepard's most recent poster done in response to the disappointing efforts in health reform.


Clemens Kogler

Clemens Kogler has a few interesting designs on his website, but you might know him better for his internet-famous video, "Le Grand Content."


Young Monster



The Chatanooga-based trio Young Monster is comprised of Zach Hobbs, Scott Campbell and Nick DuPey. The second poster for the Hot Women gig is a pretty cool flyer design idea -- layered silk screens of different bright colors.  As usual, if you see anything you like, check out their Etsy and support our artists!


Simon Page (Part II)

Math wizard Simon Page strikes back with more 60's inspired futurist designs.

His styling uses basic details, but he incorporates a rather distinct vision in his design perspective that does well for the 2009 International year of Astronomy.
His interview here on Grain Edit.

Forget reading the fine print in between the lines and having an eye trained for art, its there--just look at them and appreciate the damn work.

Barq - Connected

One of the coolest posters from last year, designed by the Danish studio Barq, composed of the super-duo Anders Baden Nielsen and Joaquim Marquès Nielsen.  Watch the video below to check out their process, which is very fun to watch, and check out Joaquim's detailed post on the retro sci-fi influences and other parts of the design process.  It's one thing to have a flyer design idea, and its a lot of work to get that idea started, finalized, and printed.  Posters are available for purchase here.


IS050 (Part V)

Some of ISO50's older prints from his golden archive of design.
Not much needs to be said that we haven't already said about Scott's work, other than that you can stare indefinitely into his stuff and get lost in the depth that he puts into some of his really detailed pieces.
His blog is an addictive habit that is a must-surf on a daily basis.

He does the sounds, he does the visuals--the only thing he has left to pioneer in is smell.

our older posts on him h e r e .

+ a bonus print for kicks.

Why not get it on a thermal?
or a print? or both.

RVO - New Party Flyers!


RVO from Belgium emailed us recently with some of his new work.  I bet you haven't seen party flyer designs like these -- you can tell how much thought RVO puts into his type treatments that really come out at you.  And, judging from the sponsors and artists it seems like this graphic designer is coming up in the world!  If you checked out his older work in 2008, you could see how he is really establishing his style.

Scott Campbell

New Orleans native Scott Campbell is a self-taught screenprinter with a retro-ish talent in gig poster design.  Some of his stuff seems to have some influence from Saul Bass' old movie posters, but Scott's eye for spacing and geometry really sets his work apart.