Mad Men Season 4 Premiere Poster + The Graphic Art of Mad Men

Here's the poster that was released to promote the new season of Mad Men on July 25 on AMC.
via Entertainment Weekly

The Season Three poster is a bit more dramatic and intense, although the water flooding the office is very metaphorical and unexpected, I don't know how I feel about how well its aesthetic reflects the clean, clear and straightforward style of the show.

But nonetheless, Mad Men Season Three's poster is well done.  You can watch this "Making of" video on the Season 3 poster below to see the whole process of how it was produced:

For additional reference, here is the Season 2 Premiere poster for Mad Men.

The DVD cover art is really clean too.  Season 3 and Season 2 are really well executed:

Now for some fan art:

Check out these Mad Men posters by Christina Perry.  Available as a Giclee print, more details at her website here.

Apparently each of the main characters in Mad Men have not only a unique suit, but also unique pocket squares.  I was never aware of that when watching the show, but Christina Perry definitely has a great eye for detail.  Roger Sterling's pocket square definitely suits his vibrant energy, while Don Draper's pocket square is definitely much more subtle, simple and clean-cut.

There's a lot of Mad Men fan art out there, but I really like this one by Stanley Chow.  He does a bunch of great illustrations in general, you can check them out on his website here.

And because Flyer Goodness is a flyer and poster art blog, don't think we copped out completely with this post.  I wouldn't consider this RJD2 gig poster by Mark Malazarte a parody, but it definitely tilts its hat at the Mad Men opening title sequence.  See the original post here.


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