Reader Submission of the Week: Lior Dahan (Israel)

This week's reader submission comes from a designer based in Israel who goes by the name of Lior Dahan.


Imaginary Paintings by Mark Warren Jacques


Mark Warren Jacques is a painter living in Portland, Oregon who has some real talent in creating abstract space-esque visuals with warm and vibrant color scheming and lots of circles and triangles.


Elegant Graphic Design of Theory11 Playing Cards

I've never written a post with such trembling hands as I am for Theory11's playing cards – the design and print work is so gorgeous, and has such a classic mark of fine craftsmanship brought back in a modern way that one can't help but buy a few decks (which are very reasonably priced by the way).  The boxes are intricately designed and manufactured with a rich level of texture and detail, not only from the graphic design side, but also with accents of debossing and gold foil, like on the Monarch set.  For less than six bucks you can pick up one of these beautiful decks, such as the Steampunk, the JAQK, or the classic reissue of the Bee Titanium Edition.  Literally a perfect belated Christmas present for the graphic designer you know.


Singapore Graphic Design by Silnt

Some gorgeous print design work by Silnt, a design practice based in the Republic of Singapore.