Reader Submission of the Week - Rodrigo Maia

A graphic designer from São Paulo, Brazil, Rodrigo Maia has been selected as this week's featured Reader Submission, and for good reason.  Although the gigs that his posters are for are imaginary, they're well done and cleanly executed.  Check out his Flickr and his DeviantArt for more.


Video: Making of Myspace Secret Show Posters

Vahalla Studios made this cool video featuring A. Micah Smith and Tad Carpenter, documenting the screen printing process of making a Hot Chip poster, from start to finish.

30 Awesome Minimalist Superhero Posters by Screenrant

Minimal words for some very cool minimal posters on comic book superheroes from the guys over at Screenrant. Big ups to Anthony Ocasio, Mike Eisenburg, and Paul Young for putting these out.

Darkwing Duck goes first because hes top duck.

Follow and Fan Screenrant. Or be square.


Shanghai Gig Posters by Nini Sum & Gregor Koerting

If there was any proof or hope for the growth of music and art culture in China, its in Shanghai.  And Idlebeats is a glimmering beacon of hope for bands and artists -- both Shanghai locals and talent from the other side of the world.  Artists Nini Sum & Gregor Koerting have been designing a bunch of great gig posters and art prints, even bringing screen printing lessons and shows to Shanghai.

Having been to Yu Yin Tang, the venue featured in The Handsome Furs poster at the top, I can personally confirm that there is an arts and indie scene in Shanghai, and its definitely growing.

View more of the silkscreen process photos of the Handsome Furs Shanghai gig poster here.

Handsome Furs -- Shanghai gig poster by Gregor Koerting available here.

"A Masterpiece" by Shanghai artist Nini Sum available here.

"Smooth Ride" art print by Nini Sum, available here.

David Lynch screenprint available here.  Edition of 100.

Gig poster by Nini Sum, available here.

Gig poster by Gregor Koerting, available here.


Tadanori Yokoo

Before the rising sun graphic became a popular design for surfer brah companies and cartoon animations, there was Tadanori Yokoo. Regarded as one of the most influential graphic designers of the 20th century, Yokoo has developed his own distinct artistic style that might make him seem like a David Bowie meets Andy Warhol. Recognized internationally, his work evokes a mystic and psychedelic feeling, as he's done artwork for famous musicians and films.

Check out one part to his very interesting "Kachi Kachi Yama" film series here.

His work can be bought on his website, or for a grip of money here, or for cheap on amazon here.


Beautiful Gig Posters by Brooklyn Artist Andrio Abero

Andrio Abero is a talented Filipino-American graphic designer and illustrator who operates in Brooklyn, NY.  His posters are extraordinarily unique, many of which have become ubiquitous on the internet, particularly his famous My Morning Jacket poster (featured in this post).  His style and artistic ideas cover a wide spectrum, but his clean execution is both powerful and a signature characteristic of his posters.

ABOVE: Cold War Kids gig poster by Andrio Abero, available for $25 on his website

Doves gig poster by Andrio Abero, available on his website

Rufus Wainwright gig poster by Andrio Abero, available on his website

One of my Favorite posters from the Haiti Poster Project.
See the dozens of amazing posters submitted by the best poster artists around the world in our blog post here.

David Byrne and Brian Eno gig poster by Andrio Abero, available on his website

Jaime Lidell gig poster by Andrio Abero, available on his website

Nada Surf and Gusta gig poster by Andrio Abero, available on his website

Gomez gig poster by Andrio Abero, available on his website

Yellow Umbrella gig poster by Andrio Abero, available on his website

Andrio Abero's Website
Andrio Abero's Twitter
Andrio Abero's Tumblr
Posters for Sale by Andrio Abero