Classic Japanese Design by Kazumasa-Nagai

 Kazumasa-Nagai was an artist who grew up in Osaka, where he honed his superb illustration talent in creating surreal-like visualizations.  Some of his works were made completely from the computer by the designer, also known as "techno" design which gained popularity in the late 60s-70s.  Really liking the dark shadings with interesting shapes and abnormal stylings.

via Pink Tentacle


Thanks for Following — 2K

It's humbling to receive all the likes, emails, postings, mentions and direct messages that pour in internationally from other likeminded art-obsessed and design-hungry people.  As a small token of our gratitude, here's a collaborative design by the bloggers of Flyer Goodness, Erik Homsapaya and Shaun Homsapaya. Thanks for reading, fan-ing and following.


3D Vector Illustrations & Club Flyers by Hallo Kai (Germany)

Hallo Kai is a graphic designer from Braunschweig, Germany.  He's extremely skilled at making type pop and jump off the page (or the screen) with 3D renders and vibrant colors.