Stylish Lettering Typography by Like Minded Studio

Like Minded Studio is a Sydney, Australia based design studio specializing in lettering typography and illustration.  All of their work is so intricate and curvy and detailed, its hard to believe how much time and effort went in making such good pieces of work.  Usually, I don't like to post too much commercial/product design, but what they did for Toohey's beer and Red Bull is kind of amazing.  Definitely want to see more of the likes of these guys' lettering work around more often.

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EMP Pop Conference 2011 Poster (UCLA)

A pretty cool poster for this weekend's EMP Pop Conference that we attended at UCLA with Moby, Rafael Saddiq (Tony Toni Tone, Lucy Pearl), and Dave Sitek from TV on the Radio.

We got a chance to ask Moby "What music do you find to be really difficult to listen to," and his answer was, more or less, Salsa.


Reader S.O.W -- Medoks Design

Going back to our roots as an events/gig/club flyer blog, this week's Reader Submission of the Week is Peter "Medoks127" from Budapest, Hungary.  Its been a while since we've posted club flyers, but I'm digging these.  It looks like he has two really distinct styles going on here, and the robot flyer is just awesome.
We love to see all different sorts of flyers and posters, so don't forget to send in your stuff to us, TGIF!

Graphic Designs and Posters by Ed Nacional (NY)

I saw Ed Nacional's Black River Festival poster a long while ago on a blog or ffffound and knew that we had to do a post on this guy.  Checking out Ed's very clean and newly designed site, there's a ton of awesome and clever work created by this very talented Brooklyn resident.  His Twitter and Flickr are also packed with interesting stuff.


Why Save PBS - An Infographic Poster by Chris Bishop

PBS Kid's Creative Director and lifelong supporter of the Public Broadcasting, Chris Bishop, created this insightful infographic to help the fight for funding of public tv and radio.  He's not only a talented designer, but also makes some interesting points when it comes to the importance and effects of educational programming.

Modern Abstract Design by Gordon Walters

After seeing the aftermath of the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, I remembered my time traveling on the South island there and passing through that city.  While I was there, I noticed some pretty interesting designs from the Polynesian Maori culture, a lot of them making use of the Koru, or unfurling spiral shaped silver fern.  Gordon Walters is a New Zealand painter and graphic designer who combined European abstract art with Maori themes.  The fern plant shape is pretty simple, but I like the way he plays with it in different sizes and patterns.

Bonus fact: The actor who played Jango Fett, Temuera Morrison, is Maori.

via Auckland Art Gallery