Outside Lands

I got to check out The Black Keys, Cold War Kids and Radiohead (the lights and stage cams made their performance even more awesome) on the first day of Outside Lands, the first music festival in Golden Gate Park. The design is by the legendary Ames Bros. The website is really cool too, check it out for event photos and videos.

Milton Glaser

Another classic designer, Milton Glaser is one of the most respected and well-known American graphic designers, and is the creator of several infamous corporate identities as well as the "I <3 NY" logo. He has a range of works from paintings to simple polygonal shapes, but his most unique works are known for their excellent use of color and simplicity.



The image makes the picture. Not sure if this is an original photomanipulation, but its catchy.


Sunset Strip Music Festival

Show at the Roxy with some great bands. Love the inked design, very reminiscent of high-school notebook doodles.


Play Dough Spaghetti?

This piece reminded me of one of the cover for Computer Arts Magazine typography issue the other month. If it's all digitally generated, really neat idea. If there was some sculpting going on, props and respect. via Flying Flyer.


Andres Axuntar

Andres Axuntar sent me these, done for a wild columbian party in Bogota. Simple and clean. Keep it up.


Bloc Party

A few things for Bloc Party, one of my favorite live acts. Their flyers are just as enjoyable, and seem to be almost as random as their more recent music videos (Mercury, Flux?). Check out Jazz Feldy's piece that he did for Bloc Party's Melbourne show that I posted earlier.


Savage Wolf

Savage wolf does these illustrated fliers for some events in the UK. Check out his website here.


Magic Castles

Just by staring at this piece you can question your sobriety. The colors, the vividness, just a wacky dream setting (if you could call it that) all on an attractive flyer.


Party Harders

Cool piece that has a very happy, cartoony winter feel to it. Really enjoy how everything looks like it was cut with dulled kindergarten scissors and pasted.


Print, Cut, Tape on Sidewalk, Snap Photo

Personally, I haven't seen anything like this before, but I'm surprised I havent seen more. If anyone knows who put this piece together, send me a line. Really cool concept.


Mad Dragon Film Festival

Pretty cool poster for a film festival at Drexel university. Great color scheme and geometry.

Stencils and Spraycan

The photo itself is a very interesting shot and has a unique angle. The type itself is arranged harmoniously, and is worn in the right places to make you think twice. via Flying Flyer

Phone Booth Monsters?



RVO also produces a few flyers for Party Harders events. His work is similar to 2Shy's work posted earlier, both of whom seem to get some inspiration from So Me.


Inkcore, based in venezuela, does some pretty cool stuff for club events and parties in the UK. I'm really feeling the abstract cartoon individuals and the attitude from the flyers.

City on Fire

From Budapest, City on Fire aka Daniel Pelaky aka Blue Buddha Design shows us how a good combination of simple elements can produce something beautiful if the layout is set up nicely. His pieces have an extra dimension with added depth in the backdrop or through employing retro textures and patterns.