I know...metallic bugs and horses are supposed to be played out and outdated, right? But since it's been awhile now maybe it has the nostalgic retro coolness stigma to it? Cool visual either way.


42 Views of Tokyo

For me, it doesnt scream perfect, or make my skin tingly, but I do enjoy the vector elements on the front



Binh sent me these sharp-looking clever flyers he did over in Germany, pretty witty and they look good too.


Andrio Abero

If I had a goal for my portfolio, it would be to have it as comprehensive, prestigious, polished, signature as Andrio Abero's (33rpm). You might have seen the top one for My Morning Jacket, and like me have wondered who was responsible for the cleanliness, wonderful palette and textured style.


Eve Dumahel

I've been trying to stick to the smaller medium, straying as much as I can from posters, but this one for Raking Leaves in the Wind really is impressive. I don't see how work like this can be ignored. It's something that just pulls you in, just upon a glance. So much depth, textures; its practically tangible. See Eve Dumahel's portfolio for more.

Bird Carnival

Forgot where I found this from, but it's just so eye-catching but simple. Love the subtle textures, the color, and great use of space and space-filling.



I really love how someone was able to fit in all that information rather creatively, its just an example of great planning (or superior layout intuition) that blends in with the image but also yells at you simultaneously.

This Is not London - Poster

One of a pretty large series of events, You might remember something familiar from my other This Is Not London flyer a while back, which had a really ugly typesetting job on the back; too horrid even to show. This is the poster that I was talking about that did a much better job; it even looks like a real neon glow effect; simple but very well executed, especially with the colors. Thanks to George for forwarding that over, I couldn't find one on the streets that wasn't demolished by rain.


Warped Tour

Before I left LA, I've been seeing the Warped Tour posters and flyers for a while, so I figured I'd post it up along with last year's. Couldn't track down the design credits, so if you could let me know, that'd be great.



Just a few pieces I was able to scrounge up for the SXSW festival. The first and last one seem to be the strongest.


Hard Rave Life

There are only a few styling elements in here, but they're well chosen. The font of the headline complements the random lines behind it, when juxtaposed on the colored background makes for a centerpiece that really seems to pop-off the paper. I might be biased, its a very similar palette as my portfolio page.



Another texture-heavy piece. Love the powerful color. The random items piled together for the background complete the composition nicely. Done for Vessel in San Francisco. First piece via Flying Flyer.



This guy has some sick designs. The typography and color schemes are spot-on, typography and layout unconventional, and the imagery ranging from well-planned simplicity to overwhelming details. What really sets his stuff apart is the little things he throws in, like the Split-open "FRIENDLY" on the last piece, the shadows and textures on the second (Jailhouse), and the textures on the first.


Simon Lord

This guy is another talented illustrator/gig flyer designer from the UK. Even without color, the doodles are so random that they instantly evoke a "WTF?" or a "this is awesome" response.


Its About Time

Love the unique presentation of the title...A pun of sorts but very well executed. Nothing wasted. Very simple, efficient and straightforward. It's minimal but it gets the job done of being attractive.


Rich Medina

Rich Medina isn't the designer of this one, but you gotta love the typography that resembles scribbles but still pretty clear. Semi-retro, young, vibrant, and breathes energy from the color scheme to the layout. And I love the chunky text work for the artist's name on the front, it's simple but it still sticks out hard.


Another one from SF. It doesn't seem to grab my eye instantly, but you can appreciate the styling of the collage on the front, as well as the typography and layout on the back. What do you think? Vote on it!