Limited Edition screenprints and posters by The Silent Giants

The Silent Giants recently released this cool 3-color print on standard "Thick Ass Black Paper."  It's available for 30 bucks at their online shop here.  Kinda like it, it brings up casino vibes mixed with sunflower-esque imagery mixed with some 60's horror film poster.  Whatever they were on when they made this, I want some.

Spoon gig poster available at The Silent Giants store

One of the most elegant gig posters I've seen in a while, for Animal Collective.

Gig poster designed for The National, sold out here.

Dirty Projectors gig poster designed for this year's 2010 Satsquatch Music Festival.

Who doesn't love Twilight Zone and Saul-Bass inspired posters?
Sadly, this Modest Mouse poster is also sold out.

St. Vincent screenprint available here.

The Silent Giants designed some of the coolest posters for the Fleet Foxes.  Too bad they're all sold out.

Really cool screenprint for the Flight of the Conchords.

Bright Eyes gig poster available for $25 here.

The Silent Giants homepage.
The Silent Giants blog.
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The Silent Giants


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Posters with fewer details and more illustration rocks! I love the combination of colors.
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