The Silent Giants

This is one of those posters that look deceptively simple but in reality are loaded with tons of minute details that you have to see up close, or in person, to appreciate.  Scroll down for some of the detail in the process pictures or at their blog.

Now this is a beauty.  Purchase it at Absofacto's website and also get all of their songs they've made to date.  Pretty sweet deal.

Theres a lot of red here, but it isn't overwhelming.  I hate how in my visual memory bank, red hunting caps are owned by Holden Caulfield in JD Salinger's Catcher in the Rye.  Print available here.

Edit: It's hard to appreciate this poster's golden ink and texture from the previous photo, but you can see it better in this one here:

I dont know why The Deadweather didn't like these posters, but I think they're pretty interesting in a dark way.  I really likethe juxtoposition of the dark and rough imagery with the crisp and tight typography at the bottom.

The Tallest Earth poster available here.

From their blog, I can only tell a few things about The Silent Giants: they're a design group located in or near Michigan, and they love silk-screening.  You can tell right away from the big names on their gig posters that they've been recognized as having some real talent, and I don't think many people can argue with that.  If you're loving these, consider checking out more of their prints over at their bigcartel shop

And I know that everyone loves checking out the creative process behind designing posters and flyers, so here are some of the process pictures I found on The Silent Giants' blog.   Bask in their gigantic, silent silkscreen goodness:

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