2011 Type Directors Club Posters by Paula Scher

Here's a lovely set of posters designed by the great Paula Scher herself, for this year's Type Directors Club series.  These are available at the official TDC website, separately for $95 per autographed poster, or the full set of a dozen for $900.  Alternatively, if you plan on submitting your work to the competition this year, you can get a poster for free if you submit five pieces.  You can also check out all the design work done for this project on Pentagram, and also check out our previous posts featuring Paula Scher's other amazing work.


Radiant Geometric Posters from Dan Reisinger

Taking in the graphical design work of the Israel based Dan Reisinger is almost like savoring the time in reading those short books with lots of cool and vivid illustrations right before bed when you were a kid.  His taste in visuals is very fun to look at, and has a really great use of simplicity and geometry in creating clean looking design.  Born in Yugoslavia and raised in Israel, he comes from a strong painting background and joined the air force before joining the design team at Israeli Pavilion later on in his career.


Book and Editorial Cover Designs by People Collective (Australia)

Based in Victoria, Australia, People Collective is comprised of the talents of Aaron Moodie & Colin Trechter.  With an obvious skill in lettering and typesetting, these guys not only create some gorgeous book, magazine, and pamphlet covers in print -- but also have designed some really cool fonts as well.


R.S.O.W -- Menderes Mertoglu


Keeping the international flavor and putting Istanbul, Turkey based Menderes Mertoglu up as the reader submission of the week with his illustration & flyer design.  In sending in his submission a few months back (yes, we're still playing catch-up with submissions), he wrote us a very simple but honest email saying who he was and that he had been following the blog for a long time, humbly suggesting that we might like his work and to have a nice day.  Genuine and to the point.

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