Andy Gilmore - new art and flyer designs

New stained-glass looking flyer for the Contemporary Graphic Art Fair at the Somerset House.
Different from what we're used to from Andy Gilmore, but still very sweet.
It scales down in size nicely.

Here's another flyer you might not expect from Mr. Gilmore.

And here's what the internet today knows the man for:  beautifully colored geometric patterns.


Don't forget to check out Andy's new 2010 designs on his Flickr.

Apparently his works from last year were so popular, they made the awesomest puzzle out of one of his designs.  Sadly, they were only produced in a very limited edition of 10.

He's designed some covers and illustrations for several publications as well.  Here's a bit of that big-time eye candy for you:

Check out Andy Gilmore's blog for more updates.

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