Art of the Rolling Stones: Posters and Flyers Designed by John Pasche & More

Poster designed by John Pasche available here.

Poster designed by John Pasche available here.

40 Licks promo poster available from Poster Scene

1969 Rolling Stones Gig Poster at The Forum from Poster Scene.

Available on Globe Poster's Etsy.

Poster from and available at Poster Scene

1964 Rolling Stones Gig Poster at New Haven from More Things

Rolling Stones Gig Flyer at teh Hippodrome in Brighton from Wishful Thinking

Rolling Stones gig poster for Teen Beat Night 1963 from Laughing Buddha

1989 Rolling Stones Show Poster at Oakland Stadium from and available at Posters57

1973 New Zealand Tour Poster for The Rolling Stones

1967 Rolling Stones European Tour Poster from Valleyism

French Single Cover from More Things

Rolling Stones Album Cover for "Some Girls" via I Turned Out A Punk

2002 World Tour Poster via Gotta Have Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll Circus poster via UGO

Let it Bleed Album Art from here 


Parody Poster by Christopher Dombres

In 1971, a 24-year-old graduate of London's Royal College of Art name John Pasche designed the famous Rolling Stones logo after two weeks, citing his inspiration as Mick's appearance and his picture of Kali, the Hindu goddess.

While a lot of the posters here are designed by many hands, John Pasche is still credited to a huge body of work for the Rolling Stones and definitely made a very iconic logo for the time, that has aged very well.

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