Vintage Japanese posters for the Industrial Expo from the 1928-1941

Grand Exposition in Commemoration of the Imperial Coronation – Kyoto, 1928

I love Japanese art, and I love the Pink Tentacle, especially this post they made about these Vintage Japanese Expo posters that you see here.  The posters are part of a collection taken from this book, Nihon no Hakurankai.

National Defense Science Exposition – Hyogo, 1941

 Asia Development and Defense Exposition – Toyota City, 1941

 Second Sino-Japanese War Exhibition – Osaka, 1938

 Nagoya Pan-Pacific Peace Exposition – Nagoya, 1937

 Japan-Manchuria Industrial Exhibition – Toyama, 1936

 Exposition Commemorating the Construction of Hakata Port – Fukuoka, 1936

  Yokohama Exposition – Yokohama, 1935

Exposition Commemorating Hakata Port Construction – Fukuoka, 1936

The National Products Progress Exhibition – Kagoshima, 1931

 Sea and Air Exhibition – Tokyo, 1930

Images from the book Nihon no Hakurankai

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shaun homsapaya said...

rich in history and rich in detail, good find.
these rival the North Korean poster set that came out a while back.