The Pretty Much Everything Poster: A poster with almost anything and everything by Draplin Design

 Here's a pretty cool poster by Draplin Design Co., featuring all of the work he's done since 1993 - which is both impressive and overwhelming.  Definitely more design studios and artists should have something like this available.  If you like it, head over to their website and pick one up for $25.

Here's how the poster is described:

"Works Great For:
01. “Oranging Up A Wall” in your home, apartment or jail cell.
02. Nourishment/kindling in survival situations.
03. Lining dachshund puppy crates.
04. Logo inspiration, that is, if you like thick-ass lines and the letters, “D,” “D” and “C.”
05. Type inspiration, that is, if you like Futura and Trade Gothic.
06. Sprucing up a stodgy design shop. You know who you are!
07. Keeping the DDC alive…in heart, home, office and vessel!"

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