508 - An Illustrated Risograph Calendar Project

508 is an illustrated calendar project by by Philipp Möller and Benjamin Franzki of Hesse, Germany. The calendar is available for purchase online, as well as the individual single sheets. Since they've summarized their own work so nicely, read below:

"508 illustrations. 365 days. 20 copies. 2 friends. 1 calendar.

508 is a project byWe came across a risograph in 2012 and started drawing and printing. Not long after the first results we decided to create an illustration calendar. We realized that 365 illustrations are quite a lot, so we went into a stadium of manic production. Just to find ourselves with more than enough beloved illustrations for one and a half year, 508 to be exact. 

We decided to bring them all together and let you choose 365 of your favorite illustrations to 
complete the calendar by sticking the days on the pages. The rest of the Pages make perfect 
giveaways for your friends.

With guest illustrations from: Marco Stancato, Lenia Hauser, Tom Krol,David Schießer, Jan Münz"


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