Vintage Neon Signs

Not quite sure what it is about good signage that gives you that warm comfortable feeling about a shop based solely on their sign.  More than just the face of a business, a sign is the firm handshake of an auto shop or the familiar smile of a mom and pop restaurant.  Signs these days seem to be losing that quality true sign feel.  What these neon signs do have, is character.  Non-fancy, classic shaped, unflattering lettering that can stand the test of time and only really come alive at night. 

I keep on saying that I need to go out and make my own albums of these someday in my hometown Burbank, CA, but that has yet to see completion.

Big credit to the Flickr of Michael Barnes


Anonymous said...

Please do it - capture your local signs - because if even one disappears overnight you could feel physical grief. I always thought I'd get around to documenting the village where I grew up and I thought I had all the time in the world, but suddenly there was a development boom and things changed beyond recognition. I ache for those old signs and shopfronts.

Justin Moydell said...

How times have changed! These were probably from the golden age of neon signs. Back in those days, Time Square was studded with cool signs like these. But now, we've moved to high-tech led displays. It shows more info, but the classic neon will always keep it's charm.

Justin @ CrownNeonSigns.com

Robert F. Crocker said...

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