Six Architects by Andrea Gallo

Italian graphic designer Andrea Gallo created this set of posters depicting 6 great architects through minimalist styling in black and white.

An example of Louis Kahn's work-- the Salk Institute of for Biological Studies in La Jolla, CA.

Ludwig Mies can der Rohe was another modern German architect, with S.R Crown Hall of the Illinois Institute of Technology in Illinois, Chicago being his best work. 

Bauhaus school founder and then modern German architect Walter Gropius invented this style of door handle, notably named the Gropius door handle.

Avar Aalto was a Finnish architect and designer who went on to start the Finnish furniture company Artek, along with creating this chair he called the "Paimio Chair" that comes with hefty price of $3,950 for any of you designers out there that appreciate chairs.

"Objects are made to be completed by the human mind"--Avar Aalto 

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