Music Goodness: Classixx / Jamie xx / Caribou / Jimmy Tamborello

(screencap from the psychedelic/tranquil/trippy video)

I've gone to a handful of shows where Classixx was on deck and never gave'em a second thought past the Phoenix remix from a few years back. But I caught them last month closing out an acoustic Moby set and they brought some of those cotton candy disco vibes that shake people around.  I've been waiting for a proper drop since and was happy to see this last week.

Classixx - A Fax from the Beach

In case you've got a case of the Mondays, which the weatherologists are saying will double up as shitty, windy, and rainy day in LA, use these links for four hours of super curated goodness:

Jimmy Tamborello of Dntel/Postal Service started his morbidly monikered radio show last week with a Best Of 2011:
Dying Songs 01-19-12

And as Shawn put it.. two of the best in the game going back to back:
Boiler Room Podcast #69 - Jamie xx and Caribou

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