Graphic Design of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games by Ben Hulse

This is some gorgeous graphic work for last year's Olympics by Ben Hulse, Vancouver-based designer, photographer and musician.  It must be quite a feeling for a designer to see their work adorning the huge stadiums and courses for one of the most prestigious international events in the world, from pencils to airplanes.  But with a project of this magnitude, it undoubtedly comes with a lot of work, with development for the design work starting three years prior.  In all fairness however, Ben Hulse notes on his website that the credit for this huge body of work comes from a talented team:

"The Look of the Games graphic elements were created by the 2010 design team (Mélanie Kimmett, Jason Esteban, Ben Hulse, Karen Clark, Jackie Boucher, Chloé Douglas, Shawn Parkinson) and were reinterpreted for the posters. Concept, design, stencilling, compositing and photography by Ben Hulse. Art direction by Leo Obstbaum."


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