Sucker for Soccer: Vintage Football Posters by Zoran Lucić (Bosnia)


These vintage-inspired soccer poster designs and illustrations are created by the hand of probably one of the most artistic football fans in the world, Zoran Lucić.  Working out of Bosnia, Zoran has incredible familiarity with the palettes, hues, emblems and typography of graphic design from the 20s-70s.  Whether it be clean gridded swiss typography or grungy script lettering, he's able to pull off these designs cleanly and true to the era he recaptures in this series.


Pepe Álvarez Gales said...


how can I find the George Best one in higher resolution/bigger size?

They are all awesome.

mgilsaenz said...

Zoran, you work is amazing.
How could I get in touch with you? Could you write at Martin.gilsaenz@tango1978.com. Thanks! incredible work.

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