Music Goodness: Caribou x Altrice and The Drums

I totally slept on this Caribou remix album for a year. Lots of talent including Gold Panda and Junior Boys are on it, but I kept coming back to Altrice's rework of Sun. Dopeness ensues on his soundcloud page if you dig this:

Lots of good drops this month, but I've been fighting the urge to hit repeat the most with this new tune from The Drums. Here's what the vocalist, Jonathan Pierce, had to say about it:

"..sometimes I feel like I really can't live without someone or really can't live without something and I take it to such extremes sometimes. This song is sort of about coming out of that feeling and out of that mindset and realizing that sometimes the things you think you can't live without are actually things you can live without and things you never actually needed in the first place. So, I guess it's a song about delusion and then figuring out what's actually important."


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