Music Goodness

It's no secret that Thom Yorke has been treading through the various beat scenes. He's posted a ton of killer playlists on the Radiohead blog, made multiple appearances at LA's Low End Theory and even put out a 12" with Burial and Fourtet. The upcoming Radiohead remix album, TKOL RMX 1234567, feels like an inevitable culmination of these events. I'm looking forward to hearing the SBTRKT remix of Lotus Flower, but this Thriller Houseghost one is my favorite so far:

Normally I'd link another track but last week Fourtet, Jamie xx, and James Murphy all dropped mixes and there's gotta be at least four hours of hand picked listening that I'd much rather recommend:

There's a preview of Jamie xx's remix of Bloom on that mix as well as enough house, disco, and post dubstep / UK funky to keep even a vicious Monday at bay.

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