Tribal Star Wars Masks by Daniel Newman

Not the Star Wars characters you're used to, but amazing art and a unique look for the gang. True, there is a lot of fan art for Star Wars out there, but in a way its really cool to see people reproducing content from the movies years after they've cooled off with their own design spin on things.  Fan art doesn't just keep Star Wars as a brand alive, but it provides for new appreciation for Star Wars characters that we all love.  I can say that I've had a TON of toys and played a good number of Star Wars video games because I love the franchise that much.

Daniel Newman does a fine job with his self-proclaimed "Quakerwars" set in detailing the heck out of some of these characters.  Tribal and raw.  George Lucas, please consider using Daniel's version of Darth Vader for your next film.

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Mainual said...

The good old Star Wars motive. It seems it is actually eternal!

Yizard (Dani Sepúlveda Mata) said...

el del chui mola, si me molasen los tatoos me lo tatuaria jaja

mola tu blog te sigo!!

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