Remix Goodness

There is no end to the amount of reinterpreted, remixed, and repurposed music you can find on the internet. This idea used to be cool to me, but lately, I'm finding more and more songs I love after they've been digitally molested by producers that would no doubt put dub frequencies in their mom's cooking if Ableton would let them.
This all kinda crystallized after reading a Com Truise interview where he shares the way he responds to remix requests. Here's a quote and a few remixes I can get behind:

".. if someone comes to me with a track I really enjoy then I will probably not remix it. It’s like someone asking you to remix your favorite song, which, in your mind, is already perfect. I’ve tried it–it’s a mentally exhausting process. I like to remix tracks that I think would sound better if I had a hand in it, not putting anyone’s productions down. I’m just ultra picky."
- Seth Haley (aka Com Truise)

I'll just say this (and hope Erik doesn't yoink my posting privilege) -- it's worth seeing what is possible when a producer like El-P works his jedi beat whisperer magic on a Bieber vocal stem.

Lastly, if your Monday could use less Monday, check out this fun 8 to 64 bit nostalgia trip from RAC: Nintendo vs Sega 2.

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