Music Goodness

Every time summer rolls around, it feels good to remind myself that a cold beer on a warm summer night is on call when I want it. Here are some jams I plan on diggin' out when that happens:

Frankie Paul - Worries in the Dance
I found this off a reggae mix compiled by Deadbeat for oki-ni. Listening all the way through was a solid nostalgia trip of my life in the Caribbean and all the after parties by the beach. Somehow, a car with a supped up soundsystem laying down irie vibes and rasta drug lord curated pot always showed up.

Painted Palms - All Of Us
A cute girl on a bike gave me the sunniest grin ever when I was cruising through Culver City with this song echoing out of my car. YMMV, but I can't recommend the Painted Palms EP this is off of enough.

Foster the People - Helena Beats

Finally, this summer's indie darlings have a new video. If you've already heard this song every time you've turned on the radio, click through here for their Terry Gilliamesque Mad Max meets Lord of The Flies video.

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