Two Dimensional Artistry by Ellen McFadden

She's studied graphic design, she's done graphic design, and she's taught graphic design.  Ellen McFadden is an accomplished graphic designer from Portland, Oregon, who other than having one of the most remarkable Flickr sets I've seen, is also an avid painter.  Her bio pretty much sums it up better than I could--

Child of the Great Depression, member of the Greatest Generation, retired graphic designer, college faculty, vocational instructor, cooperative education placement person, lover of photography and Washington State Parks, eighty two years old.

A very talented painter, she has an interesting perspective on two dimensional constructive art and color.

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Integraphix, a Chicago Marketing Company said...

These are crazy and amazing at the same time. Very geometrical and lovely. I'd love to see more of this in American advertising instead of the bulls**t they use now.

Chicago Graphic Design