Movie Posters Animated into Neon Signs By Mr. Whaite

This Pulp Fiction neon design is also available as a shirt here.

Mr. Whaite might as well be might as well be in Reservoir Dogs because I can't dig up anything on this guy other than his Tumblr and Twitter account.  He's based out in Manchester and apparently has a good taste in movies, a fondness of neon signs, and a love of animated gifs -- our kinda guy.  Also check out his store page for prints and tees he has available for purchase.

via The Creators Project


Justin Moydell said...
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Justin Moydell said...

I'm sure movie producers would be delighted to see their works animated in neon! These are all great, but the Pulp Fiction neon poster is definitely a hit for me! That scene where Vincent Vega and Mia danced in Jack Rabbit Slims is iconic!


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