Animated Gif Flyers by Rafael Rozendaal (Amsterdam) & BYOB Events

Animated Gif by Travess Smalley

Gif by Daniel Swan

Gif by Zahid Jiwa

Gif by Brynna Childs

We live for animated gifs at Flyer Goodness, and when we come across cool animated gif flyers we do our best to share it here. The flyers for the travelling art exhibit BYOB are pretty low-fi in terms of computer animation, but nontheless cool.  Rafael Rozendaal is a young artist from Amsterdam who makes pretty cool and random digital art.  His screensavers are pretty cool, and his blog is also worth checking up on every so often.


Integraphix, a Chicago Marketing Company said...

I think these are even more brilliant than the post I just commented on. Brilliant!
~ Integraphix, a Chicago Graphic Design Agency

Arun said...

nice blog,

Tan Zi Hao said...

It looks so unpolished, I love it.


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