Wacky Illustration by Billmund

Billmund isn't your typical designer.  Hes not your dads designer from the 80s and hes definitely not your average next door neighbor designer that just likes to design for kicks. Based in Bristol, UK Billmund is a graphic designer/illustrator that specializes in his self-proclaimed high impact pixel and pathway illustration in a typographic, intergalactic, dumbass, cartoon pop-collage of sleazycomic-book-debauchery and cell-shaded anthropomorphic way.

In some of these his typography serves as the primary graphics, which works out really well because his lettering is uncanny in being able to make you feel like you just jumped into a comic book with brightly colored and  blocky/curvy type.  I'm actually kind of interested to know what kind of wardrobe he puts together when he goes out based on his designs.

Follow him @Billmund

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