More Striking Japan Relief Posters

by the Flyer Goodness staff.

Its become very real how much Japan's situation has affected the countries and people around it, looking past the rubble and whats been lost.  The average person would see an event like this and empathize with the news heard, where a graphic designer would convey those feelings onto a digital canvas to produce something that can be appreciated by everyone for the disaster relief cause.  It really is overwhelming to see such a chain reaction of #helpjapan posters spark from James White's poster, and to know that everything is one collective altruistic effort in not only aiding Japan in its time of need, but in creating great pieces of art while doing so. 

Will keep updating with posters as we get them.

And heres loyalty, in case you missed it.


Gretchen said...

Excellent round-up - thank you so much for sharing these haunting images.

Unknown said...

An amazing collection of good-will thoughts, thanks for sharing. Our hearts ache for the people of Japan as they face this terrible ordeal.
Oleg (Cornerstonesworld.com)

Anonymous said...

we want to donate for the japan relief please can you let our organization know where is to donate officially as everywhere its fake

TheKerneyCrump said...

Wow, those were truly beautiful. I think that of them were actually very good. It is truly a sad event. There needs to be an email marketing campaign or something to really get the message out that Japan is still in a state of crisis.

Thank you for spreading the word.


IM863 said...

Excellent all round. I'm actually organising a disco over the summer of Japanese underground bands and musicians. It's a fundraising gig, so all proceeds will go to Japanese Red Cross. I was wondering would it be possible to use some of these as flyers, or would I need to get in touch with the artists? It would be purely to ask for permission to use their work as I can't pay anything. If so would anyone know how I could get in touch with them?

IM863 said...

Ah, didn't see the links.

ggoodrich said...

These posters are good so that many will be encouraged to help Japan to recover from the tragedies that happened for the past few years. I can’t see anything wrong if somebody will produce copies of these.
Grace|labor posters

Shore Dude said...

We enjoyed taking part in helping the relief efforts. Our poster helped bring attention to the Red Cross endeavors.

Unknown said...

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