45 ways Super Mario Meets his Doom by Yves Bourgelas

Thought this would be appropriate to save this for a weekend post--"25 Years of Dying" by Yves Bourgelas from Quebec, Canada.  Apparently, it took him 40+ hours in paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop, and Wacom Cintiq to create this timeless masterpiece.  Yes, timeless, because Mario is timeless.  He excels in a comic/cartoon-ish design style, which I find to be kind of awesome.  Click to enlarge.

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I think this is something that most of us could relate to.  I really, really hated dying by those piranha plants that pop out of their tubes randomly while playing Super Mario.  Those made me one frustrated kid back in those days.  Anyways, cheers to the weekend.

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