Sleek Screenprints by Jason Munn (The Small Stakes)


So I got this really awesome gift in the mail the other day from a super cool aunt who has great taste in gifts, music (she showed me the Ukelele Movement), fashion, food, and all things good.  Kudos to relatives that have mastered the art of gift-giving. The music poster book of Wisconsin native, Oakland, CA based Jason Munn containing over 150 pieces of his finest work is my new favorite book.  In addition to my Pentagram Marks logo book, I'm adding this one to my list of tangible resources to look through for design brainstorming.  Starting a project is always better when you're able to draw visual stimulation from other sources, most of which could be found online though I do like holding traditional print in my hands every once in a while to give my retinas a break.

Jason Munn goes for broke with his screenprints, and just goes to show that being a successful graphic designer these days can be done.  His studio is called The Small Stakes, he really likes Diet Coke, and he has a pair of Fiskars scissors with his name engraved in them.  Check out Grain Edit's interview on him here.

Follow him on Twitter @TheSmallStakes

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