Retro-Futuristic Star Wars Travel Posters by Steve Thomas

So apparently graphic designer Steve Thomas has been holding out on all of us and was holding back Star Wars travel posters from the omniscient eyes of the world wide web, biding his time like a true Jedi while everyone else put out their Star Wars art mash-ups.  

Based just north of the Twin-Cities (TIL Twin-Cities = Minneapolis & Saint Paul), Steve has a liking for retro-futuristic mid-20th century  design inspiration, as is evident in his works.  Theres just so much gung-ho-ness in these posters that I think I'm going to go to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters for my B-Wing to fly out and travel to these places. 

Follow him @stevethomasart


RadKidCool said...

Great font choices. Very extensive collection. Awesome

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