VIDEO: 20+ Years of French Paper --

If you've bought a poster lately, you might have noticed that it might have been printed on French Paper.  Well, today Google taught me that this paper is made in Niles, Missouri, in a green hydroelectric mill.

Because the guys at French Paper Co. have said it so well:

"French is our family name and we're one of America's oldest (6 generations) and best paper mills. We manufacture all our paper with 100% hydroelectric energy, and have done so since 1922.

We've distilled over 20 years of remarkable promotions into a 3 1/2 minute movie.

Charles S. Anderson Design Company, est.1989, and (America's favorite small family-owned paper mill) French Paper Company, est. 1871, have worked together to create one of the best-known paper brands in the country."

Check out their blog as well, The French Sample Room, which is chock full of beautiful prints.

And, a video showing the hydroelectric-powered machinery inside the French Mill.

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