Original Star Wars Poster Design by Tom Jung

The original Star Wars  poster design by Tom Jung.

Alternate Versions--

"Style-B" One Sheet by Jung promoting the Empire Strikes Back in Hong Kong

His first breakthrough poster for "Papillon" (1971)

And some other notable works for films--

And an allegedly unpublished poster for Indian Jones that he did.

With over 30 years of being in the business of motion picture graphic artistry and illustration work, Tom Jung is the man who stands behind the famous Star Wars poster with Luke Skywalker thrusting his lightsaber to the sky against Darth Vader's countenance.  Nick Cardy contributed some last minute touch-ups as well, adding in C-3PO and R2 into the work, though not as much credit is given to his addition.

This other well known poster done by Tim Hilderbrandt was a last minute alternate poster and was interpreted from Jung's original work, where the reasons as to why George Lucas chose to have Hilderbrandt come up with a poster remains up in the air with multiple stories proving why.  Compare the two yourself below, with  Hilderbrandt's first and Jung's second.

Images via IMP

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