27 Years of Classic Movie Posters by Saul Bass (1954-1981)

"Vertigo" Movie Poster designed by Saul Bass.

Opening credits for "Vertigo" Movie animated by Saul Bass.

Saul Bass' poster for The Cardinal
image via impawards.com

Opening Credits for "Anatomy of a Murder"

"West Side Story" movie poster by Saul Bass.
image via impawards

image via The Guardian

A snapshot of the title screen for "North by Northwest"
image via danielsamson

image via impawards

Opening credits for "Its a Mad, Mad World" animated by Saul Bass

image via hollywoodland

"In Harm's Way" movie poster by Saul Bass.
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image via the looniverse

image via Wikipedia

Poster for "The Man with the Golden Arm"

Opening credits for "The Man with the Golden Arm"

"The Two of Us" poster by Saul Bass.
image via the looniverse

Former Jetblue employee and free-spirit extraordinaire Steven Slater use to be my hero as of last Monday,  but now I have a new one. Considered as one of the most innovative and groundbreaking graphic designers of the 20th Century having worked with topnotch filmmakers like Hitchcock and Scorsese, the legendary Saul Bass has certainly made a mark in the design world with his pieces.  He's done some really wonderful work ranging from film posters, logos, and credit sequences--most of which has been recognizable over the years and still influences design today.

I've always secretly loved the logos for Bell, AT&T, and United Airlines--

Check out more of his his posters, logos, & opening credit sequences over at Wellmedicated and Signalnoise.


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Nelsonioni said...

Hardly any of the work featured in this blog is by Bass! The West Side Story poster was designed by Joe Caroff (Bass only designed the title sequences). Likewise, Bass had no hand in either the Psycho or North by Northwest print campaigns (after being partially blamed by Hitch and the studio for the low box office take following the "difficult" and expensive Vertigo print campaign). The entire Birdman of Alcatraz campaign was by Bob Peak and whilst Bass did some work on The Moon Is Blue, these designs were of lovebirds peeping out from behind a blind, not the design shown here which is a horrific studio hatchet job. Finally, that Nine Hours To Rama poster is not Bass, it is purely the studio's campaign. The totally different Bass trade ads for Rama only ran during the film's production.

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